Annual Service Inspections

45 Point Inspection


 Comprehensive & Detailed Safety Inspection of the following:

  • Check Electrical System
  • Check Generator System
  • Check Plumbing
  • Check LP (Gas) System
  • Check Appliances
  • Exterior/Interior Inspection
  • Check Undercarriage and Lighting

Travel Trailer: $200.00 within Leon Cty

Fifth Wheel:  $250.00 within Leon Cty

RV: $300.00 within Leon Cty​

Electrical Inspection


  • 12 Volt System
  • All Exterior/Interior Lights
  • Check 110 Volt Outlets
  • Converter Operation and Output
  • Shore Cord and Circuit Breakers
  • Generator Operation and Output

Cost: $100 within Leon County

Appliance Inspection


  •  Refrigerator Inspection
  • Water Heater Inspection
  • Air Conditioner Inspection
  • Furnace Inspection
  • Range/Oven Inspection

Cost: $150 within Leon County.

Plumbing System Inspection


 Helps prevent water system failures

  • Check Water Pump Operation
  • Check all Faucets
  • Check Holding Tanks (where accessible)
  • Check Fresh Water Fill
  • Perform Waterline Pressure Test
  • Check Dump Valves, Black & Grey
  • Check Toilet Operation

Cost:  $100 within Leon County

LP (Gas) Inspection


 Recommended Annually to help ensure safety during operation.

  • Inspect Regulators and LP (Gas) Tanks
  • Check all LP (Gas) Detectors
  • Conduct Drop Pressure Test
  • Complete a Line Pressure Test
  • Visual Inspection of Lines and Appliance Connections

Cost:  $100 within Leon County

Undercarriage and Lighting Inspection


  •  Check Holding Tanks and Support Straps
  • Visual Inspection of 5th Wheel or Trailer Frame for Stress
  • Check Bolts and King Pin Box for Cracks or Damage
  • Inspect Operation of Break-Away System
  • Inspect and Test Operation of 7-Way Plug
  • Inspect Stop, Tail and Turn Light Operations
  • Inspect Clearance Light Operations

Cost: $150 within Leon County

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